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Views of the Grand Canyon

Views of the Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon National Park is famous for incredible views in every direction. From the views right along the Rim to deep in the canyon, here are a few of our favorites.

1. Mather Point, South Rim

If you’re headed to the park’s South Main Entrance on the South Rim for the first time, Mather Point is usually the go-to iconic viewpoint. It’s a great introduction to the immensity of the Grand Canyon. The most peaceful time to visit is during sunrise or just before sunset.

2. Redwall Bridge, North Rim

A majority of those that visit Grand Canyon National Park go to the South Rim because it’s easier to get to coming from any direction and open year-round, unlike the North Rim which is closed from October to May. What’s more, a majority of those that visit the Grand Canyon never hike below the Rim – so unless you head to the North Rim and hike 2.6 miles down the North Kaibab Trail, you’ll miss out on this incredible view. There’s nothing quite like watching the morning sun creep down the canyon walls to expose the deepest parts of the canyon.

3. Hopi Point, South Rim Trail

Hopi Point is along the South Rim’s Rim Trail, and famous for being a prime sunset-watching location with its incredible vistas and view of the Colorado River cutting into the canyon to the west.


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